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Sust: The Lighthouse on Sustainability

Sust. was developed by The Lighthouse in Glasgow in collaboration with the Architecture Policy Unit at the Scottish Executive to support and enhance the development of sustainable design in architecture and the built environment.  SEDA has been a partner in preparing the Green Directory, Scotland's online database of indigenous, ecologically benign materials, products and related services, enabling designers to make informed choices in specification.

Bioregional - Solutions for Sustainability

BioRegional have made their research publications free to download as part of International Day of Climate Action (24 October). This includes their summary of BedZED 7 years on, carbon neutral toolkits parts 1&2 and the latest monitoring report.

Stock Take: delivering improvements in existing housing

this report was published in 2006 by the Sustainable Development Commission and is available to download from their web site. The SDC have produced a wide range of reports, including assessments of Wind Power, Wood Fuel and aspects of transport.

Dundee City Council Sustainable Development Guide

designed to help developers (large or small) to adopt more sustainable approaches to how they plan and build. Full of succinct guidance, points to consider and useful references.

The Green Building Press/Newbuilder

this is the web site for the Green Building Magazine, and includes current news items, a lively discussion forum, and green product directory. They also publish 'The Green Building Bible' which is a valuable resource book, updated annually.

Greenspace Scotland

promotes quality green spaces in urban areas.

Scottish Sustainable Construction Forum

the SSCF is an open membership forum which explores and promotes sustainable practices in the built environment. They have 2 - 4 meetings a year in different locations in Scotland.

Architecture and Design Scotland

A&DS is an advisory Non Departmental Public Body funded by the Scottish Government. Their main aim is to inspire better quality in design and architecture in the public and private sectors so that the built environment contributes in a positive way to Scotland's quality of life and built heritage.

Association of Scottish Hardwood Suppliers (ASHS)

most people are not aware that Scotland produces hardwood of quality and character, which is suitable for use in building, furniture making and in the craft sector. ASHS has been set up to promote Scottish hardwoods to theScottish market. Membership ranges from small suppliers to those directly involved in the logging trade. This web site is a useful source of information on products, services and suppliers.

Centre for Human Ecology

develop and explore ecological and social action to effect practical change and develop new thinking that influences local, national and international policy and practice for ecological sustainability and social justice. The CHE is affiliated to Strathclyde University, and runs MA, Diploma and Certificate courses, as well as shorter courses, in human ecology and related subjects.

Reforesting Scotland

Reforesting Scotland was set up with the vision of returning our deforested land back to a landscape with a mosaic of ecologically healthy and productive forests, supporting local populations and economies. Their activities have included promotion of community woodlands, land tenure reform, woodland access for the disabled, developing non-timber forest products. They publish a regular journal and are a focal point for the many people who share their vision.

Scottish Executive Sustainable Development Web Site

this includes Scotland's sustainable development strategy: Choosing our Future, which was published in 2005, case studies, indicators, information on funding, events, and more.

Scottish Solar Energy Group(SSEG)

promotes solar interests in Scotland and has excellent contacts with academic, national and international organisations. This web page gives information on solar energy techniques in general, and case studies in Scotland.

Irish Eco Architects

Eco Architects Ireland are a subsidiary firm trading under the corporate company M.C.M. - Architecture & Surveying Ltd which is a progressive and vibrant multi- disciplinary architectural design company, located on the main street in Raphoe, a historical and medieval market town in, Co Donegal, Ireland. The company is headed up by TJ McMenamin and has been involved in architectural design in the Donegal & NorthWest area of Ireland as a whole for the last 15 plus years.

Eco Art Scotland

Eco Art Scotland is a resource focused on art and ecology for artists, curators, critics, commissioners as well as scientists and policy makers. It includes ecoartscotland papers, a mix of discussions of works by artists and critical theoretical texts, and serves as a curatorial platform.