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SEDA Film Event (Glasgow) February 2015

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SEDA Film Event (Glasgow)

Thursday, 5 February 2015 from 18:00 to 21:00

The new Reid Building at Glasgow School of Art, Renfield Street, Glasgow

SEDA are delighted to host the first Scottish showing of Ben Adam-Smith's film "The Future of Housing and How Airtightness Can Help". Ben will introduce the film and be available for questions and debate afterwards. 

Funded through a kickstarter campaign, the film aims to provide an easy-to-understand guide to airtightness, as well as the benefits and difficulties of achieving it on site. Its aimed at building clients, self builders and construction professionals. This documentary aims to put the myths to bed and shed light on why airtight construction really makes a lot of sense.

The evening will be accompanied with the usual drinks and discussion. Click here to see a preview!

Produced by Ben Adam-Smith

Having spent over 15 years working in TV and radio, Ben Adam-Smith now runs production company Regen Media. His passion is for creating content on environmental issues and helping forward-thinking businesses promote themselves using new media. Particularly drawn to construction, he launched website House Planning Help in 2012 to learn and also share information with others about building energy-efficient homes. 

Production Team

Steve Folland - as a radio host for many years, Steve has an instinct for what makes compelling content. He will be able to enhance the script and make suggestions of how to keep things moving.

Paul Jennings from Aldas is an air leakage specialist with over 25 years experience. As such he's carried out airtightness tests on a huge variety of different buildings, including some of the most energy efficient in the UK.

Elrond Burrell - an associate at one of the UK's leading sustainable architecture firms and an advocate of the Passivhaus standard, his input in the development stages will help bring clarity to the documentary.

Mike Coe - a former ITN News cameraman, Mike is passionate about action against climate change. As such he lives in a very energy-efficient, largely off-grid house himself.

Tim Waymouth - a broadcast editor with 20 years experience specialising in documentaries and factual entertainment genres.



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