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Building with Straw by SEDAbuild School

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Building with Straw, with SEDAbuild School

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Bridgend Farmhouse, Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh View Map

SEDAbuild and Bridgend Farmhouse would like to invite you to attend this three-day course to learn about strawbale construction delivered by Bee Rowan from Strawbuild Ltd (formerly of  Amazon Nails) 

This course will teach you how to build a low-impact house using strawbale giving you practical experience of constructing with straw, detailing and preparing renders.  The course will be delivered via the SEDAbuild bothy project at Bridgend Farmhouse where delegates and volunteer trainee builders will be trained together on a live build site learning skills to enable you to build your own small-scale structure all whilst constructing the Bridgend community bothy.

The course covers some theory but will mainly involve training on site via hands-on practical skills.  This is an essential course to start your journey into building with straw.  

The course is delivered over three days from Saturday the 8th of October until Monday 9th of October.  Each day will begin at 8:30 am and finish by 5:00 pm with lunch and tea breaks provided by the organiser.  On the first day (Saturday 8th of October) there will also be an evening Green Drinks session where the theory will be presented and a discussion to follow.  All delegates are invited but not obliged to attend the evening session.  

Don't miss this opportunity to delve in to this tactile, sustainable, and renewable material for constructing your own building.  Straw is insulating and soundproofing as well as breathable which creates excellent conditions for the UK climate, for homes, offices, studios or barns. 



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