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    Douglas Fir-clad workshop
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    Glengoyne whisky display case
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    Oak frame trusses

Dovetail Scotland's clients to date cover both domestic and business spheres across Scotland, from the tasting room furniture and log wall displays at Glengoyne distillery to a unique fully curved kitchen at Lairg, north of Inverness. We have had a strong ecological view to our business from the outset, planting 3 trees for every one used to date. We took this a step further in March 2016 when we planted our own productive broad leaf woodland numbering 23,525 trees, next to our workshop in Fintry, Stirlingshire. This should cover a lifetime of using Scottish timbers.

We like a challenge and with an engineering background we approach each project from a slightly different perspective which has allowed us to successfully complete some more unusual contracts, like a 2.4m square, revolving bookcase / invisible door, straight out of Scooby Doo!  

Our workshop, being completely off grid is powered by a mixture of solar, wind and a diesel generator, with plans for a micro hydro scheme also on the table. We operate our own woodmizer LT40 sawmill and should have a solar kiln up and running by the end of 2017 with the help of ASHS (www.ashs.co.uk) who are currently prototyping this technology, all helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

As custodians of a 40 acre site, centrally located, with a good sized yard and workshop and a good mix of old and new woodlands we are keen to develop courses on all aspects of green building technology. Over the coming years we hope to establish partnerships with companies and individuals who could help bring this vision to life.