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SEDA Film: Tomorrow

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Date: Thursday, 24th June 2018
Time : 18:00
Location : University of Strathclyde, 16 Richmond Street, McCance Building, Room 301, Glasgow G1 1XQ

Sustainability is a phrase growing exponentially in usage throughout our daily lives. We are waking up as a society to the creeping danger of climate change and people around the world are responding on a variety of innovative and inspiring ways. ‘Tomorrow’ embodies the Transition Network’s contribution to internationally inspiring confidence, innovation and persistence within us all. Against all of the odds, and all of the doomsday talk that often arises when we contemplate the future of our natural environment; there is still hope. 

The Scottish Ecological Design Association and Sustainable Strathclyde welcome you to share in this positive and rejuvenating portrayal of individuals, communities, businesses, cities and countries taking matters into their own hands to preserve our planet for future generations and reversing damages wrought throughout human history. Covering an enlightening range of rarely touched topics concerning sustainability, this film sets out to be a positive catalyst in inspiring local action and assuring us all to keep making the little changes.

Join us on the 24th of May for a night of welcome discussions, encouragement and inspirations to keep making all of your own wee efforts towards safeguarding our planet’s future. And perhaps, be inspired to pick up some new ones.


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